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How can I specify timeout of 2 minutes for a particular request in rails application. One of my application request is taking morethan 5 minutes in some cases. In that case I would like to stop processing that request if it is taking morethan 2 mins.

I need this configuration at application level so that in future if there are any other such type of requests I should not do any special changes otherthan mentioning that action in that configuration. There are some requests which take morethan 10mins also. But they should not have any effect.


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maybe Timeout can help? – Shamir K. Dec 14 '12 at 9:43
Your requests should never take that long. Do the work in the background process and inform the user that the content is not ready if that's the case. – Jiří Pospíšil Dec 14 '12 at 12:20

Setting the timeout for a request back that far is generally bad practice. Making your users wait for minutes on end for a request to finish isn't a good idea.

Instead, this type of long-running task should be placed into a job queue for a worker process to run at it's convenience independent of the web request. This

  • allows the web request to finish very quickly, making your user happy
  • the long-running task to stay out of your web process, freeing it up to do what its supposed to (serve web requests)

Consider a gem like delayed_job. Describing how to work it into your application is outside of the scope of this question; my answer here serves only to point out that looking to modify the timeout is very likely the wrong 'answer' and than you're better off looking at a job queue.

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