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I'm new at working with StarTeam, having previously used Subversion in projects. In order to find out how the change packages work, I've experimented a bit - and not quite gotten the results I would've liked.

I have tried to following steps: (I have 2 views, one called 'trunk' and one called branch1.1 which is a child of trunk)

  1. trunk: Creating file TestMerge.txt with the content 'A'
  2. trunk: TestMerge.Txt -> adding a new line with content 'B'
  3. trunk: TestMerge.Txt -> adding a new line with content 'C' I go to 'Show Change Perspective' and find my 3 check-ins.

    • I select 1 and 3, right-click, advanced, View Compare/Merge.
    • I select rebase with trunk as source and branch1.1 as target.
    • Under include I select 'Selected change packages'.
    • I dont change options or properties.
    • Finish now brings up a window called 'Rebase from trunk'
    • The TestMerge.txt has merge status: Resolved, Merge Action: ignore.
    • I can only change this to 'share' (and I cannot commit if it is ignored, since nothing is changed).

When I commit these changes, branch1.1 now contains a file called TestMerge.txt - however that file contains A B and C.

I would only expect it to contain A+C, since I didn't ask for my second commit to be included in the change package.

Is that just the way StarTeam (doesn't) work or is there somewhere I can get what I want?

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StarTeam does not support merging two versions of the same file in the same view,
especially not via the "Change-Packets" process, or the "View Compare/Merge" tool.

"Change-Packets" process and the "View Compare/Merge" tool are designed
for merging files and folders from different views.

(Try this with two versions of the same files that are sitting in different views.)

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So what I'm trying to do, cannot be accompliced by the "tool" I'm using. Does that mean that StarTeam is not able to do what I would like it to do? or just that there's a better way to do it? If we assume I have two views with the same file in it. In one view, I have made 3 changes on the file compared to the other view. I would like to move 1 of the changes to the other view (but not all 3 changes) Can I do that - and how? –  Jesper Hald Dec 18 '12 at 15:47
That should be supported, but not automatically (you will have to pick the relevant changes), because 'View Compare/Merge' can't know this by himself. (to your original scenario: you will need to check-out the revisions to be merged, merge them aside, then check-in the merged file). –  Gonen Dec 18 '12 at 16:34
I dont see how that could work, if I checkout the revision '3' file, then it includes revision 2 (the B) and to get rid of that, I would have to manually edit the B out. I thank you for your answers, I think my conclusion is that StarTeam does not support this action - even if an expert user is able to find a way to do it somehow. –  Jesper Hald Dec 19 '12 at 8:46
I agree - StarTeam does not support merging two versions of the same file in the same view, especially not via the "Change-Packets" process. (sorry if my previous answer wasn't clear - will amend it) –  Gonen Dec 19 '12 at 10:47

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