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For WPF, Data Grid I am trying to copy to clipboard my custom text data, after Ctrl+C Diverse attempts to use override OnCopyingRowClipboardContent(DataGridRowClipboardEventArgs args) or CopingRowClipboardContent event, don't help. Either clipboard gets empty or standard row text, but not what I would like to put there. For instance

protected override void OnCopyingRowClipboardContent(DataGridRowClipboardEventArgs args)
    bool b1 = Clipboard.ContainsText();
    string s1 = Clipboard.GetText();

s1 gets desired text, but after going out of this method clipboard gets empty. Any idea if one can solve this?

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the correct way is add on XAML grid this property


and for each property you want copy add this XAML

 <DataGridTemplateColumn  ClipboardContentBinding="{Binding XXXXXX} ..... 

other facultative step is implement the dataGrid event CopyingRowClipboardContent to modify the clipoard data

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You need to set the ClipboardRowContent property of DataGridRowClipboardEventArgs

static void dataGrid_CopyingRowClipboardContent(object sender, DataGridRowClipboardEventArgs e)
    e.ClipboardRowContent.Add(new DataGridClipboardCellContent(e.Item, (sender as DataGrid).Columns[0], "Abc-hello"));
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