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Is there any method to rename a div element. I have a div with id fm_form_container,which lists a set of forms. If I click a link in a tab,for eg, My Forms, I want the name of this fm_form_container to change as tab_content_container. That is, all my forms should come inside the div, tab_content_container.

Is there any method to rename a div,like append and addClass?


These are the css for the div id "fm_myforms_container and tab_content_container.

    border:1px #EEEEEE solid;

    border:1px #EEEEEE solid;

If I give,


    //$("#fm_myforms_container").attr("id", "tab_content_container");




the CSS for tab_content_container does not get applied.

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Changing the id of the div can cause other codes that use the id not to work. –  rahul Sep 7 '09 at 5:52
The CSS for the class looks pretty much the same as for the id. Check in firebug that the class is added. –  Toby Hede Sep 8 '09 at 23:09
The class was added when I viewed the code in firebug. Maybe since both the id,my_myforms_container and class,tab_content_container css's are present, I think the browser gets confused as to display which one as there is a slight color change alone. Anyhow, I changed my code in a different way, so this is not needed. But I learnt a concept from this, an ID (#) will only match a single element. Thanks to everyone who tried to solve my problem. –  Angeline Sep 9 '09 at 6:30

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You can use jQuery's attr method :

$("#fm_form_container").attr("id", "tab_content_container");
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Thank you.. But I have another problem. When I click the Home Tab again, I need the id to be changed to fm_form_container. I did a $("#tab_content_container").attr("id", "fm_form_container"); when I click 'Home'. But the div name is changed only for the first div n not for the seccond and third. I have separated my forms into 3 types,and so have them as three sections. So the change is happening only for the first section and not the others. –  Angeline Sep 7 '09 at 6:19

Where the My Forms link has a class of "myForms":

$(".myForms").click(function () {
  $("#fm_form_container").attr("id", "tab_content_container");

Updated for comment to above answer:

*"$("#tab_content_container").attr("id", "fm_form_container"); when I click 'Home'. But the div name is changed only for the first div n not for the seccond and third."*

This is because you're matching against an ID (#), and thus will only match a single element. If you want to apply your changes to multiple elements, you will have to apply them to a class, e.g:

class="tab_content_container" instead of id="tab_content_container"
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Well, I had the tab_content_container changed to a class and added the class to that div using addClass method. But the CSS aren't getting added.. –  Angeline Sep 7 '09 at 8:47
Are you sure that you've changed your CSS to reflect the fact that your divs are now part of a class, rather than using ids? We'll need to see your CSS before we can diagnose that. –  GlenCrawford Sep 7 '09 at 10:28

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