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We have a Bean with a field called:

private String aBcde = ... ;

the getter was written:

public String getABcde() {
    return aBcde;


reports a "NoSuchMethodError"

Question: Is the name of the getter wrong, or is this a bug in BeanUtils?

Pls Note that this works fine:

public String getaBcde() {
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According to it seems my expectiation was wrong and

public String getaBcde() {

is correct.

Actually, the Bean Spec says:

"However to support the occasional use of all upper-case names, we check if the first two characters of the name are both upper case and if so leave it alone. So for example:

  • “FooBah” becomes “fooBah”
  • “Z” becomes “z”
  • “URL” becomes “URL”"

So in my case I had getter "getABcde" which maps to property "ABcde", cf. the URL example.

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