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I'm in Rails 3.2.2 and I have a Variant class:

class Variant < ActiveRecord::Base

   has_one :twin_variant


I'd like to be able to associate two objects from this class to became "twins". I'd like to create:

v1 = Variant.new
v1.name = "Fantastic variant"

Then I'd like to have a method to create a twin variant:

v2 = Variant.new
v2.name = "Fantastic variant twin"

v1.twin_variant = v2

Then the 2 objects should become associated with each other, so that:

=> v2

=> v1

Is this possible? How should I build the association?

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Given the following model

class Variant < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :name, :variant_id

  has_one :twin_variant, class_name: "Variant", foreign_key: :variant_id
  belongs_to :twin, class_name: "Variant", foreign_key: :variant_id

You can setup the cyclic relationship with

v1 = Variant.create(name: "Variant #1")
v2 = Variant.create(name: "Variant #2")

v1.twin_variant = v2
v2.twin_variant = v1

and you can check this with

Variant.where(name: "Variant #2").first.twin_variant.name # "Variant #1"
Variant.where(name: "Variant #1").first.twin_variant.name # "Variant #2"
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Thanks, it works great! –  Augusto Dec 14 '12 at 12:00

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