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I'm have the following in the head of one of my pages:

$(document).bind('pageinit' , function(){ alert("welcome"); });
//$(document).ready(function() {alert("welcome"); });

That which is commented out works fine (when uncommented), but the top one does not. I'm running into a lot of issues because of the jQuery Mobile pageinit feature. I have to click refresh after navigating to every page or the scrollbar I added plus other features won't load. The scroll bar plugIn I referenced like:

<script type="text/javascript" src="cubiq-iscroll-bad88fb/src/iscroll.js"></script>    

Yet like I said every time I navigate from one page to another it won't load seamlessly. I need to click refresh. I assume this is because of the Ajax and I think the problem is solved by properly using $(document).bind('pageinit') but I'm lost on how to do it. Any advice is really appreciated. Thanks. :)

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You need to attach the event to the div representing the page, for example:

$( '#thePage' ).live( 'pageinit',function(event){
    alert( 'This page was just enhanced by jQuery Mobile!' );

Where #thePage is the id of your page div.

See the JQuery Mobile docs for this example and more information.

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