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While working at my latop I thought of a novel idea on how to draw in Photoshop without having a pen tablet. My starting point was thinking about a way to better hold the mouse for a more accurate brush stroke. It came to me that if I somehow use it like a pen i could make sketches easily. I searched on the internet if something like this exists and I found about optic laser pens. However being impacient I started chopping one of my older laptop mice and came with the idea of attaching a crayon with paper tape to it. After a few adjustments it seemed a good ideea. However this is were it gets tricky. It's really aNnoying to use a button to draw a line. After a while the noise gets on your nerves. Also there's no way to control the pressure of the strokes. Having tried this I have thought maybe taping the touchpad with my left hand could do the trick. However it doesn't work that way. The touchpad driver isn't programmed to tap and hold the click until it is released. Obviously this isn't a good behaviour under normal circumstances. So I have scoured the internet looking for a solution but this is were my luck runned out. I have installed the Synaptics touchpad driver suite and I tested various settings to get the touchpad to work the way I wanted. It is clearly obvious that Synaptics can emulate pressure by measuring the contact area between the thumb and the touchpad. The harder the thumb is pressed the flatter it gets and the larger the contact surface becomes. So I need a way to input this pressure reading into Photoshop. This is were I hope I can get a helping hand from you guys. If this proves a working trick I'll update the poster with the necesary steps.

Made a poster on deviantart to get some help with this issue. Please share if you find this trick usefull for you too.

Thank you!

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You could try using Photoshop's COM interface through C#, C++, Java, etc to set the brush size and flow based on the pressure reading you're getting from the touchpad. Here is the API reference: cssdk.host.adobe.com/sdk/1.0/docs/WebHelp/references/csawlib/… but unfortunately I don't see any reference for the brush object so you'll probably have to use the script listener to get the actionID for those actions. –  pdizz Dec 14 '12 at 14:51