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I need to add a CName record for my load-balanced AWS site The record should be:

@   CNAME 

However it appears (according to 123-reg) that this would override the @ MX records I have for email to this domain:

@   MX  300
@   MX  400
@   MX  500

I'm stumped because both of these look sensible and I did not expect that the CName would take precedence over the MX in this way.

Any ideas on how to proceed? I figure there must be another way to setup the MX records, but not sure how.

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I would recommend that you move your DNS hosting to Amazon Route 53.

You won't be able to use a CNAME there either, as this is a general DNS restriction (see RFC 1034 section 3.6.2 - However, for A Records at Route 53, you can specify that the record is an "Alias" (this is a special AWS feature), and pick your ELB as the target, instead of a specific IP address. Because the host is configured via and A record, you should be able to enter the MX records as well.

In addition, Route 53 is a very advanced DNS system, and affordable, with pricing starting at under a dollar a month (, so you will be getting a lot of other benefits as well.

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yes even I had same problem after switching to Route 53 this was solved. When it comes to pricing Route 53 is not expensive at all, its like paying for peanuts if you have production system running on AWS and already spending a lot.

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