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I am using SQLite in my Winforms application. I am copying System.Data.SQLite.dll and System.Data.SQLite.Linq.dll in output directory.


      <remove invariant="System.Data.SQLite" />
      <add name="SQLite Data Provider" invariant="System.Data.SQLite" description=".Net Framework Data Provider for SQLite" 
           type="System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteFactory, System.Data.SQLite" />

The application is throwing "Failed to find or load the registered .Net Framework Data Provider" error in some client's machines.

Please suggest me what should i do to fix this.

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System.Data.SQLite.dll completely depends on native library - 'sqlite3.dll'. So, you should install proper package on each machine, either x32 version or x64, and create two builds of the application - for x32 architecture and x64.

You can find more information about package types and its dependencies here in the Package Types section.

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