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I am trying to use Grails Command Object to filter action parameters. But I want to set a default value if the parameter is not present in URL.

class ListCommand {

    String order = 'desc'
    String sort = 'startDate'


def list(ListCommand cmd) {
    println cmd.order

I thought the behaviour would be same as if I was creating a domain object. I don't want to handle each parameter in the action like:

cmd.order = params.order ?: 'desc'
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I don't think you can set default values to command object fields.

I suggest that you create a service to initialize your command object with default values before binding your params:

def service

def action = {
    def listCommand = service.createListCommand() 
    bindData(listCommand, params)

class Service {
   def createListCommand() {
       def listCommand  = new ListCommand()
       return listCommand

def initDefaultValues(def listCommand){
        listCommand.order = 'desc'
        listCommand.sort = 'startDate'
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if you always use such action declarations:

def list(ListCommand cmd) { ... }


def list = {ListCommand cmd -> ...}

you may try this:

class ListCommand {
    String order
    String sort

    def beforeValidate() {
        order = order ?: 'desc'
        sort = sort ?: 'startDate'

because in those action definitions validate() method always calls for command objects.

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This would be ideal, but the beforeValidate() method is not called for command objects it seems –  user1128791 Dec 17 '12 at 7:40
mark it by @grails.validation.Validatable annotation –  jenk Dec 17 '12 at 11:45

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