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I am working on a desktop based application that is like drop box, I have a function downloadFile(long fileId) that download file for me from web, desktop side of the application is in java where web service is written in .Net

I have generated WS client using netbeans

The issue is: Some times it happens that downloadFile(long fileId) function get stuck,

What ever the reason behind it, I want if web service function does not give any response till a given time I snatch the control back from that function and generate a new call after some time. Is it possible using java?

EDIT I think that it could be done if can set the request time out of the web service but i don't have idea how to set time out in the client generated by netbeans

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In the class FileUpload that is root class of web service(Generated by netBeans) there were some constructors of the class and function of the super class, one of them i was using to create SOAP object. That was looking like

@WebEndpoint(name = "FileUploadSoap")
public FileUploadSoap getFileUploadSoap() {
   return super.getPort(new QName("", 
    "FileUploadSoap"), FileUploadSoap.class);

in this function i made some modifications in order to set time out parameter and this became like

@WebEndpoint(name = "FileUploadSoap")
public FileUploadSoap getFileUploadSoap() {
    FileUploadSoap fileUploadSoap = super.getPort(new QName(
            "", "FileUploadSoap"),
    ((BindingProvider) fileUploadSoap).getRequestContext().put(
            "", 1000 * 2 * 60);
    return fileUploadSoap;

and problem solved...

in short this statement helped me a lot

((BindingProvider) fileUploadSoap).getRequestContext().put(
                "", 1000 * 2 * 60);
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Depending on the framework you use for calling the webservice, there will be some way of setting a readTimeout causing the call to fail with some kind of exception.


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my WS is SOAP based and used netbeans to generate client to consume web service, can you explain how to set readTimeOut ??? – NoNaMe Dec 14 '12 at 13:26
readTimeOut is a property on the HTTP connection. I'm not familiar with Netbeans, but perhaps this thread is helpful:… – Anders R. Bystrup Dec 14 '12 at 13:32

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