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I need apply a variable sequence of templates to an argument. The template secuence is determined in runtime in the controller layer, and these templates are applied to only one argument like:


In resume, I need apply a serie of templates to an argument, but this sequence calculated in runtime and in the controller layer.

Thank you!!

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You need to iterate over the template name and the parameter lists at the same time. From the documentation,, you will find this example:

<names,phones:{ n,p | <n>: <p>}>

In your case, you need something like

<names,values:{ n,v | <(n)(v)>}>

Oh, per your comment, to apply a list of templates to another list requires a nested map-apply I think.

<values:{v | <names:{n | <(n)(v)>}}>

That applies each template named in names to each value in values.

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My problem is a little different. I need apply the dynamic list of templates ever to the same argument, stacking the output yielded for the templates on the list myArg:tpl1():tpl2():...:tplN() Example: We have a line of text in my argument textArg, now, in the runtime we calculate the list of templates to apply (bold and italic), y put bold and italic template name in a list and I wait for StringTemplate should yield a result like textArg:bold():italic(). I need to determine in runtime and in the controller layer, the template list to apply to my argument. – Diego Martinez Dec 17 '12 at 12:11

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