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By following this site C++ FAQ I have overloaded an operator() for my Matrix class. This is my class:

class Matrix
    inline float& operator() (unsigned row, unsigned col)
        return m[row][col];

    float m[4][4];

now I can use it in main function like this:

int main()
    Matrix matrix;
    std::cout << matrix(2,2);

but now I want to use it with the pointer like this:

int main()
    Matrix matrix;
    Matrix* pointer = &matrix;
    std::cout << pointer(2,2);

and compilator tells that pointer can not be used as a function. Is there any solution?

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Also provide 'inline const float & operator()' for being able to call from const matrix objects. –  Chubsdad Dec 14 '12 at 12:45

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You'll either need to dereference it:


Or you'll need to call the operator by its full name:

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