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Observed a rather strange behaviour from apache log4j and thought sharing to get your thoughts.

I have an application which I'm running using an script. So far nothing special about that. But the CLASSPATH I'm setting using that script, say a directory /home/myName/, have two different log4j properties files. One is simply log4j.properties and other is log4jXYZ.prperties.

The strange thing is when I run this script from different directories, one or the other log4j properties file is being picked-up. My understanding was it should have picked log4j.properties, obviously irrespectively from whereever I run the script.

Do you see some logic which can make a sense of it. Currently I'm at loss.

What I can predict is that log4j is trying any file matching lo4j*.properties expression.I must admit I haven't read all the manual assisting log4j.

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why do you need both files in there? check out this answer which might help: stackoverflow.com/questions/4866259/… –  acostache Dec 14 '12 at 12:56

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Add log4j.debug property, when you run the application (-Dlog4j.debug= for the java command), it should show you the path where it loads the config file from.

I suspect it may load a file with same name from another directory than you think.

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