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I have been a bit hesitant to post this as a question as I'm sure I'm missing something obvious...

When I press F5 in Visual Studio 2012 it builds my web app and launches in IE with whatever file is currently selected file in the solution explorer. So if I've got a html file selected I'll get that html page displayed, or if I've got an aspx file selected then it will try to open that particular page.

My expected behaviour when I press F5 is that it will run the application not the individual files I may happen to be working on. So when I press F5 I want it to build and launch my web app which is set as the startup project BTW.

So either I need to have my expectations adjusted or I'm being totally thick...

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I'm not positive I understand -- are you expecting visual studio to run some sort of index/login/etc. page instead of what you're currently looking at?

If so:

  1. right click the project
  2. select properties
  3. select web
  4. set the specific page
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LOL - That's what I needed - thank you –  Chris B Dec 14 '12 at 14:02

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