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I wonder if there is the way to copy one commit to another branch without checking out that branch.

For example, I have two branches: master and parallel_version.

I'm on parallel_version branch and I found a bug in file common for these branches.

I've fixed it and committed. How to duplicate this commit to another branch, assuming I'm using git-svn?

Normally I would do:

$ git checkout master
$ git cherry-pick parallel_version
$ git checkout parallel_version

Is there better way of doing that?

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That's not possible - simply imagine what would happen if there was a conflict that couldn't be resolved automatically. For the same reason you also can't update branches that are not currently checked-out (even if a fast-forward was possible).

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You can update other branch with: git fetch origin & git branch mybranch origin/mybranch -f –  mnaoumov Dec 9 '13 at 23:55
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