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I am able to get the name of printer which I had installed previously on my PC.But now its not physically connected to my pc. How should I check it first before moving to Print() in Java.

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Take a look at the javax.print API. A good starting point would be PrintServiceLookup.

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You can use PrinterState attribute if it is supported by your printer.

Something like this:

PrintServiceAttributeSet printServiceAttributes = selectedService.getAttributes();
PrinterState printerState = (PrinterState) printServiceAttributes.get(PrinterState.class);
       if (printerState != null){
          System.out.println(printerName + " is online");
       else {
          System.out.println(printerName + " is offline");
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In the past couple of days I've been testing a lot on printers and network-printers connected to the OS, and there seems to be no way to check the state of a printer. Above snippet does nothing. ( As in; All "Offline". ) ( I'm Windows 7 with Java 7. ) –  Philipp Dec 3 '13 at 12:03
Do you know why PrinterState always null? –  whizzzkey Nov 18 at 1:25

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