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[My Goal:]

I want to provide users with a facebook login button on my site with a FORM for them to fill out that will post status updates to their wall from my site so they don't have to leave my site to goto facebook.

[The Situation:]

I'm using the facebook php Software development kit found here: https://github.com/facebook/facebook-php-sdk

The examples/with_js_sdk.php demo script works for displaying the user's account information.

I have edited it so it posts a new status update to the user's wall with "testing this api' by making the following changes to the script:

$user_profile = $facebook->api('/me');

'method' => 'users.setStatus'
, 'status' => 'testing this api'
, 'uid'    => $user_profile['id']

The login button reads:

[My Issue:] The issue I have with the above is that, unlike a user actually posting to their wall manually, posting via the api includes a link to the api that posted it. Thus their post on facebook would look like:

is testing this api 4 seconds ago via MyAPINameWithALinkToThePageIDontWantPeopleToKnow

I don't want the API to include the "via" part in the user's status update on their wall.

[My Question:]

Is what I want, as far as leaving out the "via" part in the user's post, possible through the facebook api?

[What I've Tried:] I've tried looking through the facebook api documentation. I've tried googling this question and found similar questions: Remove app name in app post feed using facebook javascript sdk http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?658541-Facebook-omit-quot-via-app-name-quot-from-Wall-posts Seems to be hopeless...

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It seems not possible. This looks like a duplicate question:stackoverflow.com/questions/4098424/… – LuisClemente Dec 14 '12 at 17:31

then I found that this isn't possible via feed dialog. So I used Open Graph actions to accomplish this.

Use this for making your app smart :)

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