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have a little problem with XmlBeans. It seems that it automatically is trimming the whitespaces of Strings that I am trying to add to the XML. For example. I have a list of codes and values. Each code has a value.


It is possible that some codes have missing values, in which case their value could be " ".

however, when I call the code objects set value method(String) than it seems like XmlBeans trims the whitespaces.

code.setValue(" ");

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get around this in XmlBeans, as the correct output should be

 <value> </value>


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Ahh so this has nothing to do with how I am setting the value, but rather how I have save the file. I saved it using XmlOptions().setSavePrettyPrint(). According to the mailing list

This is what is responsible for trimming the whitespaces.

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