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I tried to make a script that would execute several external binaries to perform some tasks. Each binary was executed from a different thread, but the thing is, it didn't work ( because of the implementation of Ruby's threads in 1.8.6 ).

Is there a different way I could do this, or do I have to go with Ruby 1.9 ?

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Have you try Ruby Daemons? I have about 15 external application running simultaneously with RoR by implement it. (http://daemons.rubyforge.org/)

Basically, you extract your thread code to another ruby file. say my_external_call.rb. then, create a daemon control

require 'daemons'


execute it by 'ruby control.rb start | stop | status'

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I think this would be a bad solution, because then I would have to poll the daemons for data. I need to process the output produced by the binaries. –  Geo Sep 7 '09 at 10:33
You can use IO.popen("your exe").read() to get all STDOUT that produced, as well as input. see this link whynotwiki.com/Ruby_/_Process_management –  Jirapong Sep 7 '09 at 14:34

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