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I looking for a solution i have a drop downnavi and there are 3 sub menüs (second level) i want that the whole BG ot the navi get the same height of the open navi.

Now i have that.

window.addEvent('domready', function(){
    $$('.submenu a').addEvents({
        mouseenter: function(){
         $$('.navi').set('tween', {
            duration: 1000,
            transition: Fx.Transitions.Bounce.easeOut
          }).tween('height', '145px');
        mouseleave: function(){
           $$('.navi').set('tween', {}).tween('height', '60px');

I want that I can use the height of the open subnav as tweet height,

Like that.

.tween('height', HEIGHT FROM SUBNAV+60px);
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It's quite difficult to understand the question, so I answer it in two ways

  1. In mootools more there is element.measure and with that you can measure a hidden element. this will be bound to the element you want to measure.

    var size = $('hiddenElement').measure(function(){ return this.getSize(); });

Please note that there is also getDimensions and getComputedSize in Mootools and they all differ in how they measure.

  1. If you want to measure the height of elements above/below your submenu you can do that with a loop.

var height = 0; $$('li').every(function(el){ var size = el.getSize(); height = height + size.y; // for instance

// return false to break 
return true;


With some more information about your HTML it would be easier to answer the question.

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