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I have recently been looking for a tool to generate Java code from a UML diagram. I have already looked at Papyrus and Omondo for Eclipse. The problem I am having is that the tool is needed in a number of projects that are loaded with JPA and JAXB classes. This makes both Omondo and Papyrus come up short, as annotations and getter/setters are fairly important. What I am looking for is a tool that is able to maintain a graphical class diagram of these projects, like a UML diagram, and then translate that into Java code as needed.

What I am looking for is a reliable Class diagram -> Java code tool, preferably UML based, that supports (as many as possible of) the following:

  • Java primitives (and wrappers)
  • Annotations on methods and attributes
  • Referencing of Java core classes in class diagram
  • Easy getter/setter method generation
  • Coding directly in the defined methods

If anyone knows of a tool (it doesn't have to be UML class diagrams) I would very much like to know about it.

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As for me the greatest UML tool is ArgoUML. It is very powerful. Based on Java. It constantly improved and become more and more useful tool.

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AgroUML? a typo? –  Ira Baxter Dec 14 '12 at 15:06

If you are using Eclipse you should check out the JPA Diagram Editor that is part of the Dali project which as part of the Web Tools Platform. This allows you to work directly with your JPA entities in diagram form.

The Dali project also has tooling support for JAXB.

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Why not looking at BoUml....quite nice and really fast.

The link

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I have generated Java from UML static/structurel Diagrams using Poseidon for UML and Objecteering.

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