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I developed a new Office 2007 addin using VS 2008 and VSTO. after this I go to Office->Excel Options->AddIns->COM AddIns and GO... If I select the .dll which I ve created I get the error

'<path>' is not a valid Office Add In.

If I run it using the Visual Studio 2008 at my development machine, it works fine and I see the add-in.

I searched so many posts but didn't get a solution.

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VSTO does not create COM Addins. You will need to install your add-in on non-development machines. The article Adding the Office Primary Interop Assemblies as a Prerequisite in your ClickOnce installer at http://blogs.msdn.com/vsto/archive/2008/05/08/adding-the-office-primary-interop-assemblies-as-a-prerequisite-in-your-clickonce-installer-mary-lee.aspx will get you started.

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This actually isn't true. VSTO does create COM AddIns. You will find the Add-Ins you create in VSTO residing in the COM Add-Ins in Microsoft Office. –  Justin May 20 at 21:00
@Justin Yes, but that is a wrapper in the VSTO run-time library created to call your CLR code. If you want your .NET Class to support COM, that is a whole other process. Do you have any references? –  AMissico May 21 at 5:08

Is it a security setting? Do you need to authorise your addin?

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Yes that is there but its not allowing me to select the dll which i ve created. I have given the necessary permissions. –  Sachin Sep 7 '09 at 8:44

Excel kept rejecting the Add-In, so the solution for me was doing it directly via the registry.

Save the below text as a .reg file, replace the Manifest path and FriendlyName to suit your PROJECT and double click the reg file to add the key to the Registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Description"="PROJECTExcelAddIn - Excel add-in for PROJECT."
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