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Trying to make my own RPG character generator for ex 45 in Zed Shaw's LPTHW. Part of the assignment is to make a new class for each 'room' of the program, like WelcomeScreen or ChooseMutations.

Here is the main program.

import rooms

class Program(object):

    def __init__(self, start):
        self.start = start

    def run(self):
        next_room_name = self.start

        while True:
            room = getattr(self, next_room_name)
            next_room_name = room()

x = rooms.WelcomeRoom()


And here is the rooms file its trying to pull stuff from.

class WelcomeRoom(object):

    def __init__(self):

    def hello_user(self):
        print '*' * 79
        print '\n'
        print '\t\tWelcome to the'
        print '\t\tMetamorphosis Alpha Character & Random Encounter Generator'
        print '\t\tProgrammed poorly by Raymond Weiss'
        print '\n'
        print '*' * 79
        raw_input('Please press enter to continue')
        return 'get_name'

    def get_name(self):

        name = raw_input('Hello, whats your name?', 
                 ':> ')

But when I run the main program in python, it just logs out instead of returning the function get_name() from rooms. Output posted below.

Raymond-Weisss-MacBook-Pro:macgre Raylug$ python

        Welcome to the
        Metamorphosis Alpha Character & Random Encounter Generator
        Programmed poorly by Raymond Weiss

Please press enter to continue
Raymond-Weisss-MacBook-Pro:macgre Raylug$ 

I apologize in advance if my question title isn't exactly what im trying to ask, as a newbie its sometimes hard not knowing what exactly to ask.

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You're returning a string, not a function (or function result). You probably want something like:

def hello_user(self):
    return self.get_name


def hello_user(self):
    return self.get_name()

Based on your program, I think you probably want the second one. The difference is that the first one returns the get_name function, whereas the second one returns the results of the get_name function.

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This worked! Thank you! I'll accept it as an answer as soon as it lets me. – lerugray Dec 14 '12 at 14:08

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