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I have a site I'm working on which uses ajax to load page segments when js is available - this used to work in all browsers, the only problem being that the browser history was only updated in HTML5 broswers.

I have recently been doing a lot of work on the site and most recently decided to try to sort the history out for html4 browsers, in doing so I have checked the site in IE and found that a problem has developed with the way the data from some of the ajax calls is being displayed (only affecting IE - not FF).

The URLS are structured as follows:


if I just enter sitename.dev/main_category everything works fine but if I click the link for one of the sub categories at sitename.dev/main_category/sub_category the results are loaded but not displayed properly in IE. If I type the address into the browser for hard reload all works fine

WORKING (through hard reload): WORKING (through hard reload):

Not working through ajax:

Not working through ajax:

Because it is ajax loaded content I cannot inspect the dom, but my function appears to be firing correctly and the ajax call is returning the correct results.

Here is the code for my ajax call

function leftsort_click(event) { //main sort click (left menu)
    var page = window.name, page_index,
    api = $('#right_pane').jScrollPane({
    showArrows: true,
    maintainPosition: false

    if (!$(this).hasClass('sort_cat')) {

    $('ul.sort_ul li, ul.cat_items li').removeClass('active');
    var sid = $(this).attr('id');
    var title = $(this).html();
    var loadUrlx= page;
    if ((sid != '') && (sid != 'undefined')) {
        loadUrlx += '/'+sid;
        var res_per_page = $.trim($('.rpp_btn.active').html());
        page_index = $.trim($('.res_page_select.active a').html());
        if (($('.rpp_btn.active').hasClass('just_clicked'))||(!$('.res_page_select').hasClass('just_clicked'))) {
        page_index = '1';
        if ((page_index != 1) || (res_per_page != 25)) {
        loadUrlx += '/' + page_index + '/' + res_per_page;
        $('.rpp_btn, .res_page_select').removeClass('just_clicked');

    loadUrlx = b_url + loadUrlx;
    if (History.enabled) {
        History.pushState(null, null, loadUrlx);


        cache: false

    $("#result_area").load(loadUrlx, function() {

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated

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worked this one out, i was injecting a div into a tbody - Ie's not happy about that.

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