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I have a DevExpress GridView in my Asp.NET MVC 4 application and want to access row data on the client side via JavaScript. At the moment I am doing the following:

Specify which values should be transmitted to js function ChangeDetailsTab:

function OnGridFocusedRowChanged(s, e) {
            'MOL_REGID;BATCH_NAME;MOL_NAME;MOL_ENTERED_BY;', ChangeDetailsTab);

Access values from array received by ChangeDetailsTab:

function ChangeDetailsTab(rowData) {

    var molRegId= rowData[0];
    var batchName= rowData[1];
    var molName= rowData[2];
    var molEnteredBy= rowData[3];

This approach makes it quite bad to access a large number of values or add/remove values later because the column names have to be specified in one large string (see example 1 line 3).

Has anyone a better solution for this problem?

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Why don't you contact DX guys directly? –  Mikhail Dec 14 '12 at 19:08
Thought to give you guys here a try over the weekend ;-) –  Sg1team Dec 14 '12 at 21:23

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The client-side GetRowValues is specially designed for this purpose.

I believe it is the best solution.

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this is best way,Of course a any way for this,you can called in C# Code,in CustomCallback you can run it,in client side on the javascript you can perform,such
ASPxGridView1.PerformCallback()(ASPxGridView1 has a event that named CustomCallback)with this you without reload page can get value of C# code in C# Code :


of course you remember that should called this event from java script in client-side

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