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I have been a terrible person as of late when it comes to Minecraft. I have over-modded it to the point that I need to completely re-write the IDs of them all. The only problem is that... It'll take about a couple of hours jut to re-write them ONCE, not to mention if any of them collide with the original game. So, in order to save time, I figured I'd use Vim, but after reading through several of the helpful posts on here, I still only know a minimal amount about the replacement feature/command. Here's what I'm trying to do: Replace this


With this


This continues for a while, and to those who answer, could you please inform me of how it works, so I don't have to ask these questions all the time?

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For your perusal:

:let g:num = 1
:g/\.id=\d\+$/exec 's!\.id=\d\+$!.id='.g:num.'! | let g:num=g:num+1'

This is slightly simplified version of my code for (re)numbering chapters in the ebooks.

Idea in a nutshell: use :g to run something over affected lines; use :exec to generate/run new substitution command AND increment the counter. Tried it once and was surprised to find that the trick worked. Was inspired by my previous toying with :g//s/// combo.

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I'm not sure what is the rule you are using to choose which number to use for replacement but if all you need is just a new number that doesn't collide with previous ones you could try just replacing the first digit with something in a range not used. Something like replacing 16389 with 76389

To do that you could use this :s/\(.*\)/\1

That would search for the string followed by a single character and then a group of more characters. I will replace it with the string and the group previously selected.

You could make it more selectiv adding letters before to match only certain types of paths.

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