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I am trying to connect AngularJS with MongoDB using Mongoose. I would like to pass the Models to be used by the Controllers, so I can $scope to the data. I am not sure if I have to go about setting up an Angular Service, if so, can you point me in the right direction. Thank You.



var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var db = mongoose.createConnection('mongodb://localhost:3000/database');
var orderSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
    routeFrom : String,
    routeTo : String,
    leaving: String
var Order = db.model('Order', orderSchema);
module.exports = Order;


// of course 'require' does not work but you get the idea
function OrderController($scope) {
  return $scope.orders = Order.find({});
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You'll need an interim step there. Going directly from Angular to Mongo will not work out. If you want a generic REST interface to Mongo with which you can utilize Angular's bundled $http services, take a look at the list of REST services on Mongo's site.

Mongo REST Services


Angular $http Service:


There's a lot of different options here, but this is likely the easiest way to get up and going.

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The interim step has been provided by a npm module, angoose. It does exactly what you asked for: making the mongoose models available as Angular injectable factories. All you need to do is just including a script tag in your html file.

angoose module:


Disclaimer: I'm the contributor of angoose module.

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First I thought of editing this answer from angoose to mongoose. –  Mike Jul 7 at 11:29
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