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I have a thumb version of my image assets:

version :thumb, :if => :image? do
  process :resize_to_fill => [118, 100]

Now I get a RoutingError for my non-image assets. I tried hacking a thumb method in AssetUploader.rb:

def thumb
  if has_image_extension?(file.original_filename)

This generates an error (NoMethodError: super: no superclass method `thumb'), which makes sense.

Is there a nicer way of fixing this than making a thumb_url method in the Asset model?

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First of all version is a method of an instance of a CarrierWave class. The first argument should be a symbol which will be appended as a string to the saved filename.

However the :if symbol recieves a method name ( which needs to be implemented ) for deciding if the version should be created.

The question is how is your :image? method implemented!

I've got a naive implementation of it, here:

def image?( new_file )
  # TODO FIXME wrong way to check for image
  new_file.content_type.include?('image') && 
  !new_file.content_type.include?('photoshop') && 
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