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I have some core functionality used across webapps packaged in a common classes JAR. This JAR has classes that reference EJBs and a web app that references both the CORE.jar and the EJB.jar.

  • CORE.jar -> EJB.jar
  • WEBAPP.war -> CORE.jar
  • WEBAPP.war -> EJB.jar

I'm using Glassfish 3.1.2 to deploy in Eclipse development plugin.

In my deploy log I see failures such as follows. SEVERE: Class [ Lnet/webframeone/ejb/data/GeoLocationsBeanLocal; ] not found. Error while loading [ class net.webframeone.servlet.action.GetGeoLocation ]

The reference here is to a class in the EJB.jar from a class in the CORE.jar. The EAR has roughly has the structure as follows.

  • EJB.jar
  • WEBAPP.war
  • lib/CORE.jar

I have tried putting classpath entry in manifest.mf on CORE.jar to no avail.

If I package the WEBAPP up with a deployment assembly that includes the CORE.jar and EJB.jar and deploy it outside of an EAR it works fine.

Any ideas would be enthusiastically excepted!

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I am not sure about GlassFish server. I use JBoss. I've seen this issue in below cases -

  1. /META-INF/application.xml did not mention all modules properly.
  2. Dependencies not specified for deployment
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Please see below link javahowto.blogspot.sg/2009/10/… Does your /META-INF/application.xml look similar to one on this page? – Taps Jul 15 '13 at 7:44

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