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All my datepickers have an automatically-generated hidden field which has the same ID as the datepicker input, but with an underscore prepended.

<div class="datepicker">
    <input id="MyField1" type="text" value="" />
    <input id="_MyField1" type="hidden" value="" />

<div class="datepicker">
    <input id="MyField2" type="text" value="" />
    <input id="_MyField2" type="hidden" value="" />

And then any field which has class datepicker gets made into a datepicker.

$('.datepicker input').datepicker({
    altFormat: 'yy-mm-dd',
    changeMonth: true,
    constrainInput: true,
    dateFormat: 'dd/mm/y',
    minDate: '+0d',
    numberOfMonths: 2

But how can I also automatically get it to set the altField option for each one?

This doesn't work. I also tried doing the assignment in the original options but that doesn't work either.

$('.datepicker input').each(function() {
    var altField = '_' + $(this).prop('id');
    $(this).datepicker('option', 'altField', altField);
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var altField = '_' + $(this).prop('id');: note that id is an attribute, not a property. – Pere Nov 20 '13 at 9:28
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The altField option takes a selector, a jQuery object or an element, not an id attribute.

Try specifying an id selector:

$(this).datepicker("option", "altField", "#_" + $(this).prop("id"));

Or alternatively, saving a call to $() and a call to prop():

$(this).datepicker("option", "altField", "#_" +;
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Thanks, I don't know how I missed that. – BadHorsie Dec 14 '12 at 15:43

Try this:

$('.datepicker input').each(function() {
    var altField = '#_' + $(this).prop('id');
    $(this).datepicker('option', 'altField', altField);
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jQuery UI Datapicker 1.9, Using altField, altFormat options and overriding internal method

Clone field to store actual value in database format "yy-mm-dd", and use main field to display formatted value ("dd-mm-yy" in this sample):

$(function() {
    var _connectDatepicker = $.datepicker._connectDatepicker;
    $.datepicker._connectDatepicker = function(target, inst) {
        var $target = $(target);
        var $altField = $target.clone(false).appendTo($target.parent()).hide();
        inst.settings.altField = $altField;
        inst.settings.dateFormat = inst.settings.altFormat = "yy-mm-dd";, target, inst);
        $target.removeAttr("name").datepicker( "option", "dateFormat", "dd-mm-yy");
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In sample above REPLACE var $altField = $target.clone(false).appendTo($target.parent()).hide(); TO var $altField = $("#_" + $target.prop("id")); – AndreyP Oct 29 '13 at 14:49

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