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I tried many ways to do, but string format for month makes me big problem. Any suggestion, advice or realised code will be helpfull.

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what did you try? – Cfreak Dec 14 '12 at 15:30
Where are you retrieving the data from? Is it an SQL result? – luchosrock Dec 14 '12 at 15:33

strtotime(); doesn't appear to work for that format.

Have a look at using a DateTime object using your custom format:

Then you can output it however you'd like, including timestamp via $dateObject->format('U');

So something like:

$oDt = DateTime::createFromFormat('d/M/Y H:i:s', '14/Dec/2012 14:53:34');
echo $oDt->format('U'); // 1355518414

Should work.

Verify backwards:

echo date('c', 1355518414); //2012-12-14T14:53:34-06:00
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Have you tried strtotime()? Complete documentation here:

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If you're using PHP 5.3+ then you can get a DateTime using DateTime::createFromFormat('j/M/Y H:i:s',$string) then you can use getTimestamp() on the returned DateTime object to get the timestamp.

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