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I'm currently trying find out a way to disable system-wide the Quick Share functionality in Alfresco 4.2.b, or if it is not possible, at least remove quickshare links from both the documentlibrary and the document-details pages.

First thing I have tried is to take advantage of the system.quickshare.enabled property which is configurable in the file. It simply doesn't work throwing the next exception:

I have found an issue opened about that:

As it seems to be a bug and would be fixed in further releases, I'm focused in removing quickshare links from UI as far as possible. By the way I found a post related which helps: I have successfully removed the document-links region in document-details page by creating the next extension:

            <id>Removes from document-details page the Share region.</id>
                        <sub-component id="default">
                                <evaluation id="hideDocumentLinks">

That's fine. I have also the quickshare link from the document-details page performing some changes in the share-config.xml file, specifically by leaving empty the tag within the Social section:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Social">
      <!-- Alfresco QuickShare social widget - for creating public url that can be shared -->
            Will be available as Alfresco.constants.QUICKSHARE_URL using javascrip in the browser.
            If changing this, make sure this url matches the quickshare rule in urlrewrite.xml

      <!-- Alfresco LinkShare social widget - share a link to social sites -->
            These actions will be available as Alfresco.constants.LINKSHARE_ACTIONS using javascript in the browser.
            Labels will be retrieved from msg key "linkshare.action.<id>.label" unless explicitly provided as an
            attribute to the action element.
            Each param value accepts the following input: {shareUrl}, {displayName} or a msg key that will be prefixed.
            I.e. {body} for the email action's href param will be retrieved using "".
         <action id="email" type="link" index="10">
            <param name="href">mailto:?subject={subject}&amp;body={body}</param>
            <param name="target">new</param>
         <action id="facebook" type="link" index="20">
            <param name="href">{shareUrl}&amp;t={message}</param>
            <param name="target">new</param>
         <action id="twitter" type="link" index="30">
            <param name="href">{message}&amp;url={shareUrl}</param>
            <param name="target">new</param>
         <action id="google-plus" type="link" index="40">
            <param name="href">{shareUrl}</param>
            <param name="target">new</param>


As this logic is defined in the node-header.get.js webscript:

model.showQuickShare = (!model.isContainer && model.showQuickShare && config.scoped["Social"]["quickshare"].getChildValue("url") != null).toString();

Nevertheless, the quickshare link remains in the documentlibrary page, which surprise me. I believed that a similar logic as above would exist for showing or not the link in the documentlibrary page but it isn't. So, now I'm wondering what else I can do... As I have been seeing, that link is generated in the client side with the documentlibrary widget (documentlist.js):

    if (!record.node.isContainer)
       html += '<span class="item item-social item-separator">' + Alfresco.DocumentList.generateQuickShare(this, record) + '</span>';

I'm thinking about creating an extension which customize the documentlibrarywidget similarly has described here: [url][/url]. Would that be possible?

I would like to know if there is an easier way to do what I need to do before starting to customize the widget. If that "magic" way doesn't exist, I would like to know if the approach described is correct or not.

Thanks in advance.

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You're already stating that there are JIRA tickets (I've seen them) and it's still not working. So the only option you have is to wait for a fix or literally hack your way. To do it quick and dirty. Just use CSS to hide item-social class and change the URL in the share-config-custom to a non working one so it remains safe. – Tahir Malik Dec 17 '12 at 12:55
Very useful Tahir. Actually I have removed the quick share link from both documentlibrary and document-details pages, just by adding this CSS entry which overrides the styles computed for the link: .item-social a.quickshare-action { visibility: hidden; } – Alejandro García Seco Dec 17 '12 at 13:35
By the way, post your comment as an answer if you want and I will mark it as accepted answer. – Alejandro García Seco Dec 17 '12 at 13:37
No problem, I was a bit busy so wasn't able to post it :) – Tahir Malik Dec 17 '12 at 18:56

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As the extension of the documentlibrary widget (documentlist.js) wasn't as straightforward as I expected, I have solved it by an easier, simpler and un-intrusive solution based in the idea explained in one of the comments on the original question. In general terms, it consists in defining an extension module which adds a custom CSS in every page's header. That CSS overrides the quickshare link's styles this way:

/* Disables the Quick Share link both in documentlibrary and document-details pages */
.item-social a.quickshare-action {
    visibility: hidden;

How to define that kind of extension module is explained here:

Hope it helps others trying to achieve the same.

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