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When clicked, a link on my page will redirect to:


I want to show it in the address bar as:



  • models becomes the value of rid
  • childfirst becomes the value of sid
  • inbried becomes the value of mid

How can I do this?

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4 Answers

Based on your example URL, I'll assume you are using ASP.NET Web Forms. If that's correct, I recommend you to check URL Rewriting and URL Friendly configurations.

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I have used urlrewriter in the past for .NET 3.5 and it works really well.

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Routing Tables:


you can also use Routing tables,


RegisterRoutes(RouteTable.Routes); in application_onstart

Then create the routes needed:

routes.MapPageRoute("name", "section/{category}", "~/section/index.aspx");

then you can use:

_value = Page.RouteData.Values["category"] as string;

to the get data for each part.

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ps. the urlrewriter is okay but very difficult to debug. I have tried. –  mark Dec 14 '12 at 16:18
routes.MapPageRoute is only gonna work in .net 4.0 not in 3.5 i think. –  user1904478 Dec 14 '12 at 16:48
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Dustin Laine, I have try the link you have given and try this but all the time its redirecting to same page,

<rewrite url="/models/(.+)" to="/document.aspx?sid=$1&amp;rid=$2&amp;mid=$3" />
<rewrite url="/implementation/(.+)" to="/document.aspx?sid=$1&amp;rid=$2&amp;mid=$3" />
<rewrite url="/outcomes/(.+)" to="/document.aspx?sid=$1&amp;rid=$2&amp;mid=$3" />
<rewrite url="/publications/(.+)" to="/document.aspx?rid=$1&amp;sid=$2&amp;mid=$3" />
<rewrite url="/help/(.+)" to="/document.aspx?rid=$1&amp;sid=$2&amp;mid=$3" />
<rewrite url="/aboutus/(.+)" to="/document.aspx?rid=$1&amp;sid=$2&amp;mid=$3" />
<rewrite url="/review/(.+)" to="/document.aspx?rid=$1&amp;sid=$2&amp;mid=$3" />

i think its not talking values of $1,$2,$3 beacause in my target url its like /document.aspx?sid=42&rid=1&mid=1 but when i type in url is this /models/childfirst/inbrief.

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