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I've done some research into this but can't seem to find any usable code for what I need to happen on my google map. I have a XML file with database info that is used by google maps to put markers of events and locations on a google map, but some events are on different days/times at the same location and thus get overridden by the next marker at that site.

The method that seemed the best for this was a tabbed info window with the events listed as tabs. Another idea I found was exploding the markers and then being able to select them from there, but the current spider code seems a bit unorganized visually.

Are there any recommendations or links to some java script doing these things? Thanks!

The way that I came up with (but may not know all the code required) is to check, while making the markers, if another marker has the same LatLng and then add a tab to that one instead. I think this would be an if/else statement.

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Is there a way to search all current markers and then add a tab if another marker has the same google.maps.LAtLng? –  Bryan Dec 14 '12 at 19:07

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Your best approach is to have 2 tables .

Table 1. Location with ID (Primary key) & lat/lng etc.

Table 2. Event linked to Location ID with ID (Foreign key) & events, dates.

This will let you see only 1 marker per location. For tabbed infowindow see Google Demo

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Marker clusterer let your define marker clusters client side. But I feel you need a more complex solution like a proximity search or a harvesine formula.

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I'm trying to make this as uncomplicated as possible :) I am having a hard time figuring out how to cycle through current markers to see if one has the same lat lng as my current data. I assume the easiest way is to set up a for loop, but I'm not sure what value of a marker to associate the "i" value with. I thought zIndex maybe, but how would I code that? –  Bryan Dec 17 '12 at 18:41
I don't have any problems with that but you need to explain more or post some code. Of course you can find your own algorithm but I think marker cluster is close to your solution because it doesn't use a proximity search or harvesine formula or any complicated solution at all. –  Phpdna Dec 17 '12 at 19:11

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