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I'm currently finishing up a app for Android and was going to make the same app for Apple. I'm not sure if I should wait to launch the Android version until the Apple version is also ready to launch or just launch the Android version first. Anyone think of any disadvantages to launching before the other one?

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I would recommend launching the finished Android app without waiting for the Apple app. The initial feedback can help you sort out any issues and resolve them before they launch on Apple.

Also, having the Android app out there might spark more interest for the Apple app launch. That would be essentially free publicity.

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As far as disadvantages, perhaps someone might see your Android app and beat you to market with an Apple version. Or, maybe if people can't get the app on their device of choice they will instead choose a competing app. –  Ed Gonzalez Dec 14 '12 at 16:04

There is no disadvantage, Andriod market is different and apple app store is different.

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This question will spark a number of different answers. Ed's answer below is what I would go with myself, if I knew the iOS version was only a couple of weeks behind. Beware of delays in Apple's approval process, however. If you're publishing an app that is truly unique and you're confident it's the next "big thing" you might want to publish on both platforms to prevent copy-cats from running off with your million-dollar idea. But then, if it's an app you think will receive a lot of attention over the Christmas seasons, you might not want to wait a year...

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If you feel your app is mature, then ship it. A couple of reasons you might not want to:

  • Possibility that the iOS app will force some changes to a backend API. Counterpoint: there are plenty of ways to avoid this, so shouldn't be a problem.

  • Design differences in the iOS version may make you rethink some of those in Android, or may cause your Android and iOS versions to look significantly different. Counterpoint: I don't know many folks who switch between Android and iOS frequently, those who do have no problem with interface deltas, and hey, they're two different OSs. So no big whup.

  • You want to make a big splash by launching both at once. Counterpoint: difficult to quantify the importance of the splash; easier to quantify having a product and a pool of users willing to download it.

I'm sure there are arguments in favor of holding the app. And there may be other factors at play that you're aware of and we're not which support that argument. As your question is framed, however, I see no reason not to ship it.

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