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I am saving my protobuf messages to file and the format is all messed. I have seen it done before where the protobug messages would be saved to disk in near the same format as the .proto file. I am doing it like:

using (Stream output = File.OpenWrite(@"logs\listings.txt"))

But what I get is a mangled file that seems ENTER separated with strange tags. What I want it to look like when it is saved to disk is like the example:

# Textual representation of a protocol buffer.
# This is *not* the binary format used on the wire.
person {
  name: "John Doe"
  email: "jdoe@example.com"
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If you want JSON, use a JSON serializer... Proto Buffers are not meant to be human readable. –  Austin Salonen Dec 14 '12 at 16:25

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Pay more attention to the comment

This is not the binary format used on the wire.

Protobuf messages are not designed to be human-readable. Storing them in a text file makes no sense; they are not text.

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The primary protobuf encoding format is binary. There is a secondary text format exposed by some implementations, but it kinda loses a lot of the advantages of protobuf, and library support for it is patchy (if it is even formally defined). I would say: if you want human readable, use XML or json. Not protocol buffers.

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XML has horrible human readability. I hate it. –  Vans S Dec 14 '12 at 17:08
@Vans I dont disagree –  Marc Gravell Dec 14 '12 at 18:17

Using PrintTo instead of WriteTo keeps the data in a readable format. Finally found it.

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