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I would like to sort an NSMutableArray of UIViews according to their frame.origin.y, I want the lowest view with y to be first etc. It can be the case that 2 UIViews have the same origin. Is there an existing method for this?

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NSMutableArray has several sorting methods. Pick one of them, implement the sorting selector, block or function and compare the y values. Here is an example using blocks:

NSComparator comparatorBlock = ^(UIView *obj1, UIView *obj2) {
    if (obj1.frame.origin.y > obj2.frame.origin.y) {
        return (NSComparisonResult)NSOrderedDescending;

    if (obj1.frame.origin.y < obj2.frame.origin.y) {
        return (NSComparisonResult)NSOrderedAscending;
    return (NSComparisonResult)NSOrderedSame;

[array sortUsingComparator:comparatorBlock];
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Works like a charme ! thanks man :) didn't know this, and it is so good ! – user1106437 Dec 17 '12 at 10:21
Thank you! This is really a great help. – Ashish Jadhav Mar 13 at 16:33

While this isn't the frame.origin.y, you can also do this by using a SortDescriptor and looking at the layer.position.y as the key.

[array sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:@[[[NSSortDescriptor alloc] initWithKey:@"layer.position.y" ascending:YES]]];
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you can get the array of subviews using


then you can iterate through each and check each frame.origin.y and do your coding

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