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Using Ruby variable in Javascript (In App View)

is there a way to create a kind of variable in a Ruby on Rails view to use it later in a javascript tag?

I want to do something like that:

    <%  test=Build.where("result = 1").count(:result) %> of the builds succeeded.

<%= javascript_tag do %>


<% end %>

Is there a way to do that? This is not working. Thanks in advance!

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console.log(<%= test %>); The variable is in eruby context, not JS. Be sure to quote it unless it is a numeric value. –  Michael Berkowski Dec 14 '12 at 17:34
Oh, thanks, sorry I thought I already tried that! It works for my bigger problem I guess! –  cruxi Dec 14 '12 at 17:38

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You can access any ruby variable in an erb with <%= %>

Since you want to show it as a string do

console.log('<%= Build.where("result = 1").count(:result) %>');
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I would move the logic into the controller if possible, take a look at the gon gem too: https://github.com/gazay/gon

Edit: I read your question wrong.

# Controller
@test = Build.where("result = 1").count(:result)

# View
<%= javascript_tag do %>

    console.log(<%= @test %>);

<% end %>
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