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Normally, our application runs with a complete UI (splash screen, tabs, dialogs, progress bar, etc). A customer wants to run our application via a command line called from another executable. One requirement is the operator/user should not be distracted by any interaction or output from the app.

This special case will run a script that does specifc things - none of them requiring user interaction. They would like it to be "invisible" to the operator such that nothing is shown on the user's screen. My first thought was to try running it in an off-screen buffer or make it think there is another screen attached.

I have access to the application source code (would like to avoid changing at this level if possible) and sufficient access on the operator's machine to install and change registry.


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I suggest minimizing the app to the tray. That way they can access the GUI if they need to. stackoverflow.com/questions/4964630/system-tray-icon-in-c –  Johnny Mopp Dec 14 '12 at 17:36
The customer is explicit - the operator should not have visibility of any UI or rendering of any sort with the executable. We may be able to persuade the customer to allow a tray icon, so long as clicking on it does not make the app visible to the user. –  Ed Costello Dec 14 '12 at 23:53
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