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I'm a total newbie with Ruby and Watir. I have the following example html structure:

<div class="class1">
    <a class="class2" title="theTestTitle" href="#">
    <ul class="the-summary">
        <li class="class3">
        <li class="class4">
        <li class="class5">
        <li class="class6">

My goal is to test what is in the following div but first I need to get that div to test with. Is there a way of using the link attribute title to find the div I need. So in example above find div where child link has title="theTestTitle"?

Also after I have this div in a variable can I use xpath to search just in that div or?

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You can get the link and then get its parent using the parent method:, 'theTestTitle').parent

Or you can get the div directly by using xpath:

#In Watir-classic:
browser.div(:xpath, '//div[./a[@title="theTestTitle"]]')

#In Watir-webdriver:
browser.element(:xpath, '//div[./a[@title="theTestTitle"]]').to_subtype
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