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I'm trying to pass a custom parameter to Facebook oauth url to get it back in the callback. I know it's possible but I'm using Sorcery gem and I need to set the parameter dynamically, I mean I can't define it in sorcery.rb initialization file, like it is now:

Rails.application.config.sorcery.configure do |config|
  config.facebook.callback_url = ENV['FACEBOOK_CALLBACK_URL']

I need to define in my controller, how can I do it with this gem?

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I haven't found this documented but it worked, so just put in your controller:

::Sorcery::Controller::Config.facebook.callback_url = ENV['FACEBOOK_CALLBACK_URL'] + "param1=foo"

and param1 will be send back to you after authentication :)

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Use the state parameter outlined in oAuth Dialog.

A unique string used to maintain application state between the request and callback.

Facebook will redirect back to the site with:

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