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I am trying to use the following script and it is giving me a type error on the following bold line of code.

 Option Explicit

 Dim xlApp
 Dim xlBook
 Dim Filename
 Dim Format

 Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
 Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("\\denfs1\home\davidvan\desktop\shane spread sheet 2.xlsm", 0, True)

 xlApp.Run "Mail_Body"
 **xlBook.SaveAS Filename=("H:Contrabutions spread sheet" & Format(Date,"MM/DD/YYYY")& ".xlsm")**

 Set xlBook = Nothing
 Set xlApp = nothing

I feel like i need to define the filename as a string but am unsure how to do that with out makeing an error

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  1. There is no Format() function in VBScript (as opposed to VBA), look up FormatDateTime() instead
  2. There are no named parameters in VBScript (and the syntax in VBA involves a ":="), use a plain string as first parameter to the .SaveAs method
  3. The VBScript parser needs no spaces around the string concatenation operator
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