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I've developed a simple set of pages using ASP.NET MVC - then hosted them in IIS 7.5. These are just visual pages with no data behind them. The server is online and I didn't want the casual observer to be able to access them so simply set IIS up with basic authentication. I then created a limited demo account so that I could send details to customers so they can take a look at these visual pages.

When going to the url: www.myserver/mysite/home/index

The browsers username and password box pops up as I would expect. I then type in the details for my demo account.

However after a succesful authentication rather being taken to www.myserver/mysite/home/index

My browser instead trys to take me to something along the lines of: www.myserver/mysite/home/index/login.aspx?ReturnURL=.....

If I then return to the original URL it loads correctly. How can I prevent the redirect following the sucsesful login?

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Since you are using HTTP basic authentication, have you disabled the Forms authentication in your application? – Lukas Kabrt Dec 14 '12 at 20:04
In the web config file I have the following: <authentication mode="None"> </authentication> – Chris Nevill Dec 14 '12 at 22:02

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