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I am using EF5 in a disconnected manner. I have a main table called Cases with lookup tables for various things with associations defined. For example, the column SOURCE_ID is associated with a Sources table, where that table contains the lookups.

In the entity for Cases I have the Source_ID column as well as the association and navigation property called Source to navigate to the associated table.

Since I am using things in a disconnected manner, when I want to save the entity, I manually set the state from Added to Modified. This works well (following some examples in Julie Lermon's book).

What happens though is that if I change the SOURCE_ID column to a different value and the associated table was loaded with the entity, when I change the state to MODIFIED, the SOURCE_ID reverts back to the original value, presumably because of the association.

I am loading the associated SOURCES table because I want to display other stuff from that table, but I simply want to change the SOURCE_ID and save it. It seems not to like that.

Any thoughts?

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This looks like normal behavior because of the primary key relationship. – ChiYoung Dec 14 '12 at 20:05
so you are saying that you modified the column in the database? Then when you set the state on your entity to modified and savechanges to reverts the value back in the database? Or is source_id an int property on your model? Or is source_id the PK on sources model, and your case has a source? – Ben Tidman Dec 16 '12 at 13:28
It would help to see the code where this all happens. Very likely someone (or I) will see a line that needs a slight change. – Gert Arnold Dec 16 '12 at 13:41

Needs more code, but I'll take a shot.

Instead of just updating the SOURCE_ID, try updating your reference to the Sources lookup.

So instead of....

Case.Source.ID = 1;


Case.Source = db.Sources.Where(x => x.SOURCE_ID == 1).FirstOrDefault();

(edit: oh, this was asked a month ago? oops. well, still.)

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