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Things were going perfectly when I was using a heroku server. The facebook app was scraping my content and creating open graph objects, etc. I am transitioning to a different secure server and have entered all the relevant details about the new server in the facebook developer app settings page. The simple php script that I used before looks like it is working just fine (no errors), but I don't see any new content showing up in facebook's open graph or my personal activities like I did before.

I suspect there is something else I need to do when switching servers other than just update the app settings page.

For my app domain I set:

(even though this is a shared site.)

Thanks so much for any insights.

Here is the test URL I am trying to get facebook to recognize:,%20warm%20to%20serving%20temperature%20and%20optionally%20serve%20with%20sour%20cream,%20shredded%20sharp%20cheese,%20and/or%20corn%20chips.&allmyrecipes:shareflag=1&allmyrecipes:postername=Bill%20Chapman&allmyrecipes:posterid=1942295&body=1.)%20Brown%20ground%20chuck%20and%20sausage

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