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I have a array called $menu_array; and currently looks like this

   [0] => Array
        [id_parent_menu] => 4
        [parent_info] => test
        [children_menu] => Array
                [0] => Array
                        [id_child_menu] => 21
                        [children_info] => test

                [1] => Array
                        [id_child_menu] => 22
                        [children_info] => test2.



and so on.

I also have another array $access that looks like this:


What I'm trying to do is check to see if the key for the $access array exists as a id_parent_menu, and then put a key and value of


Then, also check if inside the $children_menu array inside of the $menu_array if the a $access key exists as a id_child_menu and set a value of can_view = true in there too.

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foreach ($menu_array as $key => $value){
  if(isset($access[$value['id_parent_menu']]) && $access[$value['id_parent_menu']])

    foreach($value['children_menu']  as $key2 => $value2)
      if(isset($access[$value2['id_child_menu']]) && $access[$value2['id_child_menu']])


(A child item can be visible only if the parent item is visible.)

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wow thats exactly what i needed thank you –  Yeak Dec 14 '12 at 21:16

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