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I have a js file named bars.js. This javascript file contains the code to display the outer structure of the page. So when I do $('#mainContainer').drawBar(); (drawBar() is a function inside the Bars.js) it will draw the outside structure of my page. Now, I am using backbone.js. In the app.js I am calling the $('#mainContainer').drawBar();

So drawBar() function has <table><tr class='rows_table'><td> ABC</td><td>DEF</td></tr></table> (this code resides in the bar.js)

So this will append to my 'mainContainer'.

So now, my question is, from app.js I am not able to refer the elements like : this.$('.rows_table').css("display","block");

rather I have to call it $('.rows_table').css("display","block");. Is there a way I can bring this bar.js code in "this.$" reference?

Can i call it this.$('.rows_table')?

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The view you are calling this.$('.rows_table') from should be in-charge of the element.

Each Backbone view has an DOM element that it is in-charge of. If you don't set the element, it is just an empty <div> that is being created by the view.

You can set the element when you create the view by setting the el element.

You will need to have a reference to the table element and then:

var tableElement = $('table')[0]; // or get the reference in a way specific to your code
var myView = new Backbone.View({
    el : tableElement

And now you can call this.$('.rows_table') from within the view's methods.

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this is a Backbone.View instance?? If so, you should use this.$el.find(".rows_table") instead of this.$(".rows_table")

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but with this I will not be able to bind the events. like eg: events:{'click .rows_table':'this.updateTable'} – Sudo Dec 14 '12 at 19:45
I'm not sure about the problem.. maybe you could show us some code? – rdiazv Dec 14 '12 at 19:46
Um, this.$(...) is shorthand for this.$el.find(...). – mu is too short Dec 14 '12 at 20:36
So here I am just using this view as a container to load the Bar.js in it. This view has no class or id. The index.html has a div with id "mainContainer" and hence in the app.js I do $('#mainContainer').drawBar(); this way the DrawBar() contents are loaded inside my 'mainContainer'. So now how should i use 'this' keywork for fetching the inner elements of the drawBar() created elements from app.js ? – Sudo Dec 14 '12 at 22:38

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