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I have a main UIScrollView to scroll images - when the user clicks on an image, I'm pushing a new UITableView to display data for that image, etc.

I'm doing it with:

[self presentModalViewController:controllerTableView animated:YES];

The data in the table view display fine, etc and I can select a cell to even get more details, etc (using a Navigation Controller too obviously).

Problem is when I try to scroll the UITableView up or down - all the events are caught by the parent UIScrollView and then it just dismisses the table view and scroll to the next image, etc...

How can I have scrolling working on the current (and subview) table view (UITableView) and not the parent one? Do I need to have the table view be the first responder? I did subclass UITableView and did override the touch events methods but this does not work - if I turn off scrolling on the parent scrollView, it no longer scroll obviously but I still can't scroll up or down in the table view ;(

I've done a lot of searching and tried a lot of things but I'm at wits end - would really appreciated some help. Am targeting 2.2.1 FYI.

Thanks in advance


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